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 fashion for emo

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PostSubject: fashion for emo   fashion for emo EmptyWed Sep 24, 2008 7:36 pm

Emo Clothes

Emo Clothing. Article with emo fashion tips including how to wear your emo clothes, emo clothing stores and accesories.

Emo Clothes

Like all fashion waves, emo fashion has hardcore fans that proclaim that Emo is not just a style of clothes and hair, it's a way of life!
It's up to you whether you hold this to be true. However, since emo
clothing is just that, pieces of apparel you can buy at stores, there's
nobody to tell you that you absolutely have to listen to emo music or
write sad craparific or even decent poetry in order dress emo. The only
thing you need to do to feel a part of the emo trend is know what
clothes to buy, what shoes to wear and how to style your hair. This
article contains only fashion tips about emo clothes, accessories and

Emo Accesories

fashion for emo Emo-glasses
Typical emo accesories include the Emo Glasses™, that is, horn-rimmed
rectangular glasses that look significantly better than glasses with
round lenses on most people. It makes them look geeky-cute rather than
just geeky. However, where emo fashion crosses the line is when you see
guys and girls with perfect eyesight sporting glasses with thick black
or brown frames every day in order to look emo. Most people look better
without glasses, so, unless you are short- or far-sighted and are
looking to buy a new pair of glasses, in which case, go for the emo
style, you really should think twice before adopting glasses as an
every-day accessory.

The EMO pages

Emo Fashion - Main page.

Emo Clothing - V-neck sweaters, jackets, t-shirts and more.

Emo Shirts - Shirts with random slogans and where to buy them

Emo Songs - Love songs for Valentine's Day with an emo edge

Emo Quotes - Emo quotes for your xanga profile

The Back to School Fashion Emo trends for 2006 school girls and school boys.

The Emo Girls page - Page from my June 2006 sketchbook.
The Emo Boys page - Pictures of typical emo boys. (Well, isn't pretty much every emo boy a typical one?)

And don't forget - you shouldn't be taking this site too seriously whether you are an emo fan or an emo hater!

Emo Clothes
  • emo colthes
  • emo colthing
  • emo cloth
  • emo clothing stores

    Thanks to the following sites for information on the emo scene and some nice emo clothing tips.

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    fashion for emo
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