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 Teniente Gimo Marries Maria Labó: Aswang Myths Explained

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PostSubject: Teniente Gimo Marries Maria Labó: Aswang Myths Explained   Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:40 pm

Aside from sugar, Western Visayas is also famous for its aswangs. The
myth of the aswang is popular particularly in Panay and the province of
Capiz even parlayed this into a festival. The Aswang Festival of Capiz,
which created a stir with local Church groups a while back, now
attracts hundreds of tourists yearning for some thrill and excitement,
and in the process creating livelihood opportunities for Capiceños.

the most popular aswang in Western Visayas is Teniente Gimo. According
to legend, Teniente Gimo was a real-life Teniente del Barrio (or
Barangay Chairman in present-day terms) in Dingle, Iloilo. He is said
to possess supernatural powers and can change into any animal. Various
AM radio dramas have depicted him either as a blood-sucking villain
terrorizing small villages or as a sort of local “superhero” who used
his supernatural powers to help the weak. Another more recent
incarnation of the aswang myth is that of Maria Labó. Maria Labó is
said to be a beautiful lass who was raped by village men. Swearing
revenge, she is said to roam the fringes of small towns victimizing
young men. Maria Labó is said to be very fond of eating human liver and
is recognizable by a huge scar across her face, thus the name Maria
Labó. Even today, there are reported “sightings” of Maria Labó
particularly in the 4th and 5th districts of Iloilo.



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Teniente Gimo Marries Maria Labó: Aswang Myths Explained
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