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PostSubject: TOP TEN MYHTS   Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:52 pm

According to Listverse.com, the Top Ten Myths are:
Toads and Warts - According to some people, warts on toads could be
infectious to humans. According to scientists, that is not so as only
certain species can be affected by it.

Spicy Food and Ulcers - Ulcers are not caused by spicy foods. Period.
There would be global pandemonium all around the world if scientists
were to prove otherwise, from Mexico to the Middle Eastern countries.

3.) Knuckle Cracking + Arthritis - No such connection. It may lead to swelling and reduces the strength of your grip though.

TV and Eyesight - Parents worldwide usually says these to kids: “Don’t
sit too close to the TV children or your eyes will get damaged.”
Medical science says they won’t get damaged. TV though is not good for
kids if the content is violent.

Masturbation and Blindness - I’ve heard this one from an aunt of mine.
Right, and I’m Harrison Ford. Over-masturbation will not cause
blindness; it may cause irreparable muscle damage though.

Catching a cold - Old Myths tell of various ways on how to catch a
cold, from the mundane to the insane. There is only one way to catch a
cold… by inhalation of the aerosol caused by coughing or sneezing and
from contact with saliva or nasal secretions.

Carrots - During World War II, Germany and its airmen were told that
Allied airmen eat carrots to improve eyesight. The trend continues up
to this day. In fact, that was just a propaganda used by Allied forces
to cover up their new radar technology.

Chocolate causes acne - Heard this one too (I had a sweet tooth when I
was young). Eating too much will cause problems for the body, but it
really does not cause acne.

Eating before swimming - Old wives say that swimming after eating will
cause cramps or appendicitis. Scientists say that it is “bull.” They do
recommend waiting until the digestion process is underway before you
swim though.

10.) Feed a cold, starve a fever - Uhhh.. no. Food is equal to lessened immunity. Enough said.


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