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 Snake inside the mall [DAVAO URBAN LEGENDS]

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PostSubject: Snake inside the mall [DAVAO URBAN LEGENDS]   Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:57 pm

The giant snake in a Chinoy-owned business establishment- has anyone
heard of a mall run by a chinese which was built over a snake pit or
the home of a large snake? This was usually incorporated with Felcris
or NCCC but this was not substantiated. I have heard of this particular
folklore when i was 7. Legend has it that there is a trapdoor or a hole
big enough for 1 human being to fit and this may have attributed to a
number of disappearances during the 80's as people might have fallen
into to the deep dark snake pits to become snake chow. It was also said
that the snakes or the giant snake brought luck to the family who ran
the business that's why they never really closed the hole.

Scaryyyy... What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face

Masaag ka did2 impas nka. HAHAHAAHA



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Snake inside the mall [DAVAO URBAN LEGENDS]
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