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 Maligaya Taxi ghost rider. [DAVAO URBAN LEGENDS]

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PostSubject: Maligaya Taxi ghost rider. [DAVAO URBAN LEGENDS]   Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:05 pm

The ghostly taxi driver of Maligaya- im sure anyone would recall the
story about a mom (or in some versions, a student) who hailed a
maligaya taxi cab late one night from work (or from school). upon
entering the vehicle, the mom or the student already felt a sudden
chill on the spine but she dismissed that as probably caused by the
cold of the night. she tried striking a conversation with the driver
who was unusually silent. upon reaching the destination, she reached
for her wallet in the bag for the fare and when she turned to the
driver, blood was oozing from his head or in some versions, the driver
was headless... in sheer horror, she ran out of the vehicle only to
turn around and find that the taxi was no longer there.... some say it
was the ghost of the taxi driver who met a gruesome accident with the
cab in total wreck. the number was sometimes 416. When asked about this
issue, the owner of Maligaya denied the story saying either the taxi
does not exist or even if it did, the driver has retired.


Beware sa TAXI number kay na.... affraid


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Maligaya Taxi ghost rider. [DAVAO URBAN LEGENDS]
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