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 Myths and Legends of Philippine Mermaids

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PostSubject: Myths and Legends of Philippine Mermaids   Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:16 pm

Myths and Legends of Mermaids were
told to have swum the deep seas. Witnessed by fishermen and those who
have a profound connection with the ocean, divers that have explored
underneath had sought a glimpse of the sea creature. Tales of fishermen
saved from boat wreck in storms claimed mermaids have saved them but up
to now the myth lives on and the hunt for proof still emerges. Some
believed mermaids as spiritual creatures in the sea in the likes of an
angel that instead of wings it has scales and a forked tale.

“But she, with
astounding vigor, emerged straight from the sea as far as the waist and
put her arms around my neck, enveloping me in a scent I had never
smelled before, then let herself slither into the boat: beneath her
groin, beneath her gluteal muscles, her body was that of a fish,
covered in minute scales of blue and mother-of-pearl, and ending in a
forked tail which was slowly beating the bottom of the boat. She was a

Guiseppe di Lampedusa

“The Professor and the Mermaid”

Inspirations of such literature came from
somewhere real as people had claimed seeing mermaids and personal
encounters usually in the wee hours of the early morning somewhere
along Panagsama Beach in Moalboal, Cebu.

But the greatest question would be, is it real? Is
it truly just a myth, or it a legend? This mind boggling question lead
analyzers commenting that mermaids do not exist, arguments from here
and there of mermaid fakery had come out.

Whether or not Mermaids do live in the seas or
not, they still remain in fascination as beautiful creatures, splendid
and alluring.



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Myths and Legends of Philippine Mermaids
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