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 Emo Protests Update

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PostSubject: Emo Protests Update   Fri Sep 26, 2008 12:38 am

Emo Protests Update

Less than a week ago I posted about the large emo protests
where emo girls and emo boys being under attack from anti-emo
protestants in Mexico, specifically Mexico cities where the protesters
have caused huge rallies on the streets. The target for the protests
and attacks were people that looked emo, that is had emo hair or simply
listened to emo music.
Over 800 protesters innundated Mexico Cityís main piaza;
Plaza de Armas looking to kick some emo guys. The reason they chose
this certain place for the protests against emo hair guys and girls was
that they knew itís a well frequented place by all ages and groups.
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Emo Protests Update
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