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 K-POP InvAsiOn!!!

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PostSubject: K-POP InvAsiOn!!!   K-POP InvAsiOn!!! EmptyFri Aug 21, 2009 7:52 pm

Korean Pop, or simply K-Pop, is dominating not only in the Philippines, but also in the entire Asia! The K-Pop songs are upbeat, fast, and very catchy. Some of these are 2NE1's(New Evolution 21st Century) {pronounced as "21" or "to anyone"}
songs from the debut album: "Fire" which gained much popularity in the charts and "I Don't Care". One of the 2NE1 members is Dara Park (Sandara Park) which was from the Philippines! Wonder Girls zoomed to the top of the charts through their single "Nobody". The song has two versions, the Korean and the English. The song is currently charting in various radio stations. Another K-Pop group is SuJu or Super Junior which is te biggest boy band group in the world with 13 boys members. Their song "Sorry, Sorry" was successful in the radio stations. And of course! who cannot forget the Boys Over Flowers songs like "One More Time", "Paradise", "Wish You're My Love", etc. These songs are all charted songs!

I hope that the Filipino or the OPM songs will be known also in different parts of Asia.
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K-POP InvAsiOn!!!
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