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 biology vs chemistry and physics

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PostSubject: biology vs chemistry and physics   Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:17 pm

The three belong to the 'exact sciences' and any choice you take would
be fine. I mean, for those who really want to understand how we work,
how our world works and how everything works would absolutely enjoy
studying any ob the above.

Biology offer a very exciting world of understanding what is alive, how
does 'alive' work, what really happens inside our organism, how are
diseases caused, what really is aging, and the exciting world of
genetics and molecular biology which is absolutely fascinating.

Chemistry tells everything about the composition, what are we made of,
why the 'stuff' we are made of is so special, why do substances have
the features they have, what is useful and what not for humans, by
experimenting always tries to improve the conditions we live.

And physics, physics, physics the king of all. The philosophy of
nature! What do we get from physics? Well, we get nature! Physics
literally tells how our world works. I honestly find it hard to
describe what physics provides us since it actually offers of
everything. IMO physics is the king of all and 100% worth to study and
get all the degrees existing in it.
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biology vs chemistry and physics
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