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 How to be a punk With sense of guide!

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PostSubject: How to be a punk With sense of guide!   Sun Sep 21, 2008 11:39 am

How to Be a Punk

If you're a fierce individualist who has a bone to pick with the profit-driven world, you might be a punk. don't be a punk just because you think it's cool. Punk is a mindset and you don't have to dress or look like anything or conform to a name. You're a poseur if you try too hard to look and act like a punk. You can be a blue collar and be punk. Purchasing the hair products, the clothes, and the music; that's buying into society, which is exactly what punk is against. So know who you are, know the reason for the culture, and understand the meaning behind the word.


1. Realize that it's what's inside that counts. It's the rowdy attitude and personality that makes a punk, however many punks display this with their styles. There are several options to do this.
2. Get yourself some leather, denim, leopard print, plaid, stripes, tartan and army/camo materials, as these are the staples of the punk wardrobe.

These leather, flight or denim jackets/vests can be filled with safety pins, band patches and or metal studs& spikes, which are popular among the lion's share of punks. A majority of leather jackets have the backs painted with band names, and signs like the 'Anarchy' Symbol but unless you have real anarchist feelings to back this up stay away from it, you'll only get your ass kicked, and the money symbol ($/) Vegans don't have to worry though, rather than wearing leather Pleather can be substituted for the jacket material. Look up pictures of old-school Sid Vicious.
3. Pants with zippers sewn up to back of the legs are also a key trademark of the punk scene.

4. Wear a plain band t-shirt if you like. This will be perfectly acceptable for the men. If you wear a band t-shirt, make sure you've actually heard the band before! Otherwise, you'll end up looking like a fool if someone tries to draw you into conversation about the band. DIY-shirts are quite popular among the punk crowd along with plaid or leopard print skirts and anything with fishnets.
* Acceptable accessories can include studded belts, bullet belts, and wristbands with pyramid studs, stars or spikes.
5. Stay away from shoe brands; that is a given, as commercialism and materialism are generally frowned upon by punks. Popular choices for footwear among punks would be army surplus boots, Dr. Martens, Converse (note: this is now owned by Nike, and is boycotted by some Punk scenes), and some skate shoes like Draven and T.U.Ks are acceptable. There have been some punks who've frowned upon skate shoes, though. Remember that shoes can also lend clues to what type of punk you might identify with: crust, glam-punk, rockabilly, Ska-punk, straight edge, skinhead, skater punk, pop punk, goth punk, bubblegum punk. Most men's shoes would also be good for women, but the female gender can also include pumps, cowboy boots, and Mary-Janes.
6. Get the hairstyle. Be creative!

*Both males and females can sport a mohawk. You might want a fanned Mohawk, Bihawk, Trihawk,bitch handles, or even liberty spikes.
* If you're worried about fitting into a conservative work situation, there's always the 'Fauxhawk' (a wider strip of stand up hair that can be combed down to hide the shaved sides of your head.) Still, this style is generally frowned upon since the look can adapt to the mainstream so well.
* Long hair is acceptable if you want to be a punk but no longer than chin length or it may not be accepted by other punks.
* Having random things, such as feathers, beads and ties in your hair also makes you stand out. Try different colors, random flicks/curls, bits spiked up... try things out!
* There has also been a variety of 80s haircuts and even dreadlocks that have made appearances in this subculture! Any color of hair could be used. Women, teased hair is very popular when layered.

7. Try dyeing hair blonde with black tips or adding other colors. The Chelsea haircut is also very popular for women. For those more into Horror punk (Grave 45, The Misfits, Danzig, etc.), try a devil lock.
* If you don't want to hassle with complicated hairstyles, shave your head . This has always been a classic Punk look, and can be used for both men and women.
8. Use bright colours for makeup. Clashing neon pinks, greens, and oranges can be used for mascara and eyeshadow. It is a good idea to take the time to master liquid eyeliner for the results will look much more professional. Don't be afraid to shave off your eyebrows, assuming you know how to draw them well. Look everywhere for inspiration. Don't worry if your makeup could feel just as home in the goth/cyber/scene lifestyle. If you have the music, attitude, look: Why feel weird?
9. Get some piercings; getting piercings and tattoos is another outlet that punks use to identify themselves. You will see many punks with their ears "gauged," with rings, often to quite large sizes. Septum and lip piercings are predominant in both sexes.
* When you get a piercing, make sure that it accents key features on your face or body.
* With tattoos you will see a wide variety of images. A lot of punks sport their favorite band logos, or have spiderwebs on their elbows (please be aware that in the UK at least, spiderwebs on the elbow signify that you have been in prison). Old school style tattoos (Sailor Jerry, for example) are also very popular, especially for chest pieces and sleeves. Just remember whatever tattoo you choose, it will be there forever! Make sure that you choose something that reflects your personality, not just a current band that you like!
10. Avoid going from preppy to punk in one step. It's best if you ease into being punk or you may appear like a poser.


1. Get to know other men and women who have the same beliefs/styles.
2. Go to some concerts to dance or meet people, find the local club where all the punks meet. These can readily be found nowadays on myspaceand similar sites, but if all else fails, ask another punk on the street when the next gig is.
3.Don't be afraid to tell somebody that you're new to all of this, as they were once as well and will probably understand.


1. Familiarize yourself with the music; There are many different types of Punk music, and it is important to remember that not every punk listens to every band here. A lot of Punks focus on one era of this music genre as the style of music has radically changed over time. This is a list of each era of Punk music, and some bands that influenced it.

Proto-Punk Bands(1960 - '76)

* ? & The Mysterians
* The Dictators
* Electric Eels
* Iggy Pop & The Stooges
* MC5
* New York Dolls
* Patti Smith
* The Modern Lovers
* The Velvet Underground
* The Who

First Wave Of Punk(1977 - '79)

* the allarm
* 999
* Generation X
* Sex Pistols
* Sham 69
* Stiff Little Fingers
* The Adicts
* The Adverts
* The Buzzcocks
* The Clash
* The Damned
* The Dead Boys
* The Macc Lads
* The Misfits
* The Ramones
* The Ruts
* The Stranglers
* The Vibrators
* Richard Hell and The Voidoids
* X-Ray Spex

Post-Punk(Late 1979 - '85)'

* Gang Of Four
* Joy Division
* Magazine
* Public Image Ltd.
* The Fall
* Wire
* The Cure

Hardcore Punk(1979 - '86)

* GG Allin
* Abrasive Wheels
* Adolescents
* Articles Of Faith
* Bad Brains
* Bad Religion
* Battalion Of Saints
* Black Flag
* Broken Bones
* D.O.A.
* D.R.I.
* Dead Kennedys
* Fugazi
* Government Issue
* Minor Threat
* Negative Approach
* Social Distortion
* Suicidal Tendencies
* The Circle Jerks
* The Germs
* Void
* Zero Boys

Anarcho-Punk/Crust Punk/Peace Punk/Grind/Power Violence/Horror Punk(1980-present)

* Amebix
* Antischism
* Antisect
* A.P.P.L.E.
* Aus-Rotten
* Choking Victim
* Conflict
* Crass
* Discharge
* Dystopia
* Flux Of Pink Indians
* His Hero is Gone
* Logical Nonsense
* Nausea
* No-Cash
* Oi Polloi
* Rudimentary Peni
* Samhain
* Spazz
* Subhumans
* The Misfits
* The Mob
* The Skuds
* Zounds

Second Wave Of Punk(1980's - Now)

* Anti-flag
* Grimple
* Jack Acid
* Naked Agression
* NoFX

Pop Punk (1990 - Today)

* Alkaline Trio
* Amber Pacific
* Be Your Own Pet
* Blink-182
* Mr. T Experience
* Riverdales
* Screeching Weasel
* The Queers
* Tone Rush
* The Active Elements


* Never be afraid of what people might think .
* Don't Watch Tv , It's all mainstream media and part of the capitalism machine . Tv promotes the Idea that " Passion should have a Price" and "The More You Sell the better regardless of the Product". Also All Tv News is Either Biased in either Left-wing or Right-wing , So you won't even be getting a complete story . News Channels do this so it's viewers will believe what the media wants it to think.
* The difference between being a poser and a true punk is that a poser is always worried about how punk they are. Just do what you want.
* If anything , check out DIY things like Terrorism Tv or Team Spider. (These Programs are made non- profit and show grand ways to enjoy yourself without being part of the Corporate System.) Or Make your own (because if you think watching it is fun, Try making it Smile )
* Remember, if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.
* Go with what you think is Punk. Be an individual. This is the whole point of being a Punk. If you want long hair, keep it long. If you have a Kelly Clarkson album next to the Misfits one be proud. The biggest part of punk is the beliefs. Even Johnny Rotten has been quoted saying modern punks are "clothes hangers". Remember that it's not about what you wear but who you are. That's what matters most.
* Not all punks hate the government, but rebellion is key. Don't have stupid values like "I hate cops, they always catch us breaking the rules" and "Why can't we all shoplift? The stores have enough dough anyway!" Though you may or may not agree with them, don't do it just because "it's punk". Punks want freedom and fairness.
* If you're a girl black and red/pink/yellow stripes are a good choice of colour to wear if you want to think about the fashion aspect.
* Respect your elders, if they deserve respect. If someone comes up to you in a suit and tie and tells you that they like your Misfits shirt, be cool and ask them if they are a fan. For all you know, they actually saw them play live in the 70s when the punk scene first started and they may have some great war stories, or even better, some band suggestions that you would never have heard about.Remember that while you may be lucky enough to wear your beliefs/culture/values on your sleeve, we *all* have to find a way to interact with society at large. That guy in a suit may very well have a Misfits shirt of their own on under their shirt and tie! Just because the gal at Meat-Product-On-A-Stick looks like a dork in her little striped fez doesn't mean she doesn't go home and totally rock out to the punk records she blows her minimum wage money on! Or maybe that nerdy kid in the private school just combs his hair straight and dresses nice because he's forced to. He may as well be a punk as long as he as the attitude.


* DO NOT SELL YOURSELF OUT!!! or you'll look stupid.
* Don't think you know better than anyone. There is someone that will always know more.
* Everybody goes through changes. Just be yourself, whatever that is, and let others be themselves, too.
* If your parents or guardians disagree with your punk beliefs, etc., listen to them, and explain to them what you believe. Consider their point of view. Your mom may have a strong reaction to your newly dyed blue hair because the color you were born with is the color she gave you and it's hard for her to watch you grow up. Parents/teachers/bosses/etc. may be threatened by punk aesthetics because they don't understand them. Consider yourself an ambassador to a community, but consider that it is much more shocking/rebellious/subversive to say please, thank you and turn in your homework on time even though you don't "look like the type" than it is to live up to the stereotype that mainstream media would like everyone to think that punk rock is all about.
* If you're going to abuse the punk movement and use it only for it's fashion, then forget it. No one, including hardened punks, will believe you.
* Punk rock means a lot of things to a lot of people. There are people who think that all of corporate America is evil, and those who buy their punk gear from the mall at Hot Topic. Always be respectful; that "mall punk" might just be the next revolutionary activist and that "old foggy" with their obscure 30 year old patches might have a thing to teach you. Always listen to whoever and if you disagree, present your argument in a way that accepts that others have a right to their point of view, even if you don't agree with it.
* Remember, gradually make your way into punk, if you just come out of you house one day looking like the punks on the street corner, people will definitely know your a poseur.
* Dont try to be the Punk Police,Punk is a state of mind and it can be what you whant it to be!

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PostSubject: Re: How to be a punk With sense of guide!   Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:27 pm

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PostSubject: Re: How to be a punk With sense of guide!   Wed Sep 24, 2008 2:27 am


nonsense mni nga topic oi..

punk2 lng jpon..

be simple lng oi..

genre pjd murag mga tru wapa gni mo khuman skwela nana mo fashon..


atk lng..

good guide..

kip it up..

nc posT@

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PostSubject: Re: How to be a punk With sense of guide!   Wed Sep 24, 2008 2:59 pm


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How to be a punk With sense of guide!
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